Design Objective: Create a logo and packaging design for The Deckades Card Company that stands out on the shelf and engages the target audience.
Design Brief: The Deckades Card Company is a business that sells decade-themed playing card collections. Each full set includes eight-deck designs uniquely created with an individual pattern that reflects the decade. The patterns were designed to be nostalgic and trendy within the times. The company branding uses a retro, sans-serif typeface with line repetition that emulates a stack of playing cards. Production included custom die-lines, packaging, pre-flighting, assembling, and photographing the company product. The campaign was extended by creating face card designs per the decade. Famous celebrities Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Elvis Presley were featured in a 1950’s cartoon style for the 50’s decade collection. Software utilized in this campaign include Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimension.
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