Design Objective: Use graphic reduction on a common household tool to create a logo mark and brand identity for a company. 
Design Brief: The household tool I decided to use for the brand is a teapot. I used design principles such as unity, balance, color, and typography to take an ordinary teapot and make an edgy, fun, and memorable logo for a large target audience. I started with the idea of a long, elegant teapot but through graphic reduction, finished with a short-rounded pot. The business I chose to use for the logo is a café, Deja Brew. The design are the gestalt principle, closure, to give visual interest. The typeface chosen is a retro style that is bold, round, and weighs heavier on the bottom. To give the logo unity, I placed the name of the business around the top and bottom of the logo, complimenting the roundness of the pot. This decision also gives the design a perfect balance that is pleasing to the viewer’s eye. To complete the brand identity, business cards and letterheads were designed as well as a micro-site for a café event and an animated logo. 

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