Design Objective: Create a folding brochure that contains information about a design legend who influenced the design world today. The brochure is to reflect the designer while being captivating, interesting, and unique. 

Design Brief: After meticulously researching the design legend, Saul Bass, I was able to appreciate the contributions he offered to the design world. His most famous quote was, “symbolize and summarize.” I decided to go with a gate fold that has a hole in the center of the flaps to be more interactive to the viewer. Incorporating Bass’ designs, the front flaps are green with diagonal dark gray stripes to pay tribute to his famous title sequence in North by Northwest. The outer ring of the cut out circle is the design he used for the movie poster, Vertigo. Finally, the center of the cutout circle is the famous cutout of the addict’s arm he created for The Man With The Golden Arm; this element is printed on the inside, middle section. I kept the inside of the brochure simple as well. I started designing the center page first, using the addict’s arm as a focal point. Because of the placement and the cutout, I was working around those circular elements. I wanted to make sure this piece was unified, whole, and simplistic, like Bass’ work. The center page contains a write-up about Bass and his impacting work; the text is wrapped around the focal point in three sections, so that the reader can easily read the information. The outer flaps both mirror each other. Overall, this piece as a whole reflects the designer while being informative and legible. 

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